X6 resolution for a tv

July 30, 2007

This concept involves condensing 6 sided cubes full of micro LED’s on each side to a flat area the same size as one side of the cube. This could be a thin sleek tv. This could easily have higher resolution then most technology with mostly cheap parts. It uses micro LED’s in the classic blue, red, green fashion. each led will have a small fiber optic cable attached to it that will taper to 1/6 the size of the original led. this will increase the resolution 6 times from what a normal TV made with micro LED’s would be. LED’s are cheap so using 6 times as many will not be a big deal. I call this technology LEDCTV (L.E.D. CONDENSED TELEVISION). This was hard to make a good picture to describe it but then again its currently 4:51 am here.

Also to answer some questions: Please do not use my Ideas for profit unless you get in contact with me first.


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