Smarter self driving cars.

July 29, 2007

People are trying to make self driving cars that can drive like us,  instead we need to make cars that drive like robots would.  By implanting a small wire in the roads at a precise measurement from the lines we could produce a road that would be easily followed by a car.  There could also be several easy failsafes.  a seconded signal when found will warn the driver of no self driving road ahead.  There would also be implementation of both RFID in the road (to identify you exact position) and a GPS to (insure proper speed and direction) and to double check.  special tags would be on the license plates to tell how close you are to the next car so the computer can calculate a safe distance.  if you reach a non tagged road and have ignored the warning the car will slow down by the end of the RFID part of the road and turn the hazards on.  This would insure the driver was still able to be safe if they did not pay attention.  an auto-drive hospital feature would measure vital signs and if an emergency takes place the car will drive you to the closest hospital given your heath problems were not caused by a car accident.  This is just one possible way this may be done.  involves about as much labor as installing a nice stereo in your car.  and would end up being cheap if massed produced.


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