It is a computer eating VIRUS!

January 27, 2007

Since it is Elk Cloner‘s 25th birthday this year I thought I would share my thoughts with what I consider the worst virus on any computer network. I call it horrible, but most of you will probably know it by its name Myspace.com I hear this mentioned to often in various places around the city. Yeah sure I have one but its just there to make fun of it. It says I am a pirate of the seas an have shipwrecked while on the Missouri river. I think there should be a huge punishment for anyone that collects friends on there like they were Elvis stamps. When they fight over who has more friends that drives me nuts. Anyway I thought I would also put up my link for an eBay auction of mine for a nice Fantom x6 keyboard since im poor and have this from when I had some money I thought I would sell it. I wish I had more time for music on that but I’m going to stick to a midi when I do.

eBay Auction Link
Rich Skrenta’s Blog creator of Elk Cloner


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