Help a poor techno geek fight unemployment! And help him get an iPhone/service. so I can be like the cool tech-geeks???

January 26, 2007

Ok I am going to start advertising on my car so I can afford all the tech toys people like the Woz can afford you should buy his book it is awsome. Yes I’m slightly jealous I think he is awesome I wish I had a friend like that. I will sell space on my car for bumper stickers. Its a 2001 black Monte Carlo so don’t think its going on a rust bucket. The last couple of months Ive been looking for a job one was with Union Pacific that would have been a great paying job but they did not hire me, so ive . So the deal is for every regular sized bumper sticker it will be 150 bucks, and i have a few awesome places for clear stickers with outlines for the taillights, if you want these prime spots it will be 350 bucks. And one company has a chance for covering a large area of my car where ever they want ,probably work the best on the hood, Cingular/AT&T if your listening I will do this for you if you can hook me up with a free iPhone (the apple one not the cisco crap) and service for two years I will also be your new spokesman since you are probably going to get rid of that orange jack looking thing. There is my wishfull thinking for the day, week, month, well i guess year! The 150 greenbacks will get you a space that is (2 3/4″ x 11″). and twice that for twice the space and so on. Most of this will go toward the iPhone or/and a new iPod i have had my iPod since 5-5-05 i remember that date all to well very exciting. It would be even nicer if someone could hook me up with a job. I drive almost everyday around the Omaha, Ne metro area This would be great advertising for anyone specially in the Omaha area. If you are interested please E-Mail me at Patnukem@gmail.com, with Bumper Sticker in the subject.  I will post pictures on here every-time I update the car.  And if engadget gets here or my other favorite blogs if they send me and email and a bumper sticker I will put it up for free if the have added a link.


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