can someone help me with this?

January 19, 2007

I love working with electronics.  I love it.  ok anyway a friend of mine had a broken iPod video and was going to give it to me but someone else called dibs on it but i did start thinking what i could do with such an object.  I have an awesome draft of plans of a nice device i could make.  One BIG PROBLEM i have no video iPod to work with 😦  If someone has a broken video ipod that has scratched beyond recognition, bad hard drive, and/or (I hope “or” as “and” would be unfortunate for your iPod) cracked screen please consider donating one to me to dissect i would be appreciative of the opportunity to make something.  Electronics are my hobby i have had nothing to work on for a while and I think i am starting to go a little crazy with boredom.  In addition a job would be nice as well to take up all the free time I seem to have now:(  Thank you for your help with this matter please write me at idork.t5z@gishpuppy.com


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